Busy Times

I’ve been neglecting you, kinda. It’s more a matter of being super busy! I’ve been painting and cleaning to get a house ready to lease. My butt is formally kicked!! I haven’t been this physically tired since I faux painted for a living. Somehow, spinning and crochet do not prepare one for physical labor!! I swear my husband forgot my frail female status yesterday (insert hysterical laughter here) and had me help him move three creosote soaked railroad ties (HEAVY) and relocate a big stack of flagstone, among other things. This after having a yard sale in the morning. The happy news is, I’ve hired someone to help me with the last big project!!

My fave restorative yoga instructor is moving away, so I have to attend class this afternoon. I’d rather take a nap, but I can do that after class!

Tried Tunisian crochet for a scarf using a huge crochet hook and my extreme thick-n-thin yarn. It almost looks woven, like a tangled mass of yarn, I really like the randomness of it. Orderly chaos! Pictures eventually…

Don’t expect much from me until the end of May. Crazy busy month. Will fill you in the first of June!

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