New Drop Spindle Kits!

drop spindle kits 002Mariellen will be joining me tomorrow night at Palm Springs Village Fest from 7 – 8 to demonstrate drop spindle spinning with my new kits. If ever you’ve been interested in spinning your own yarn, but were put off by the expense / investment of a spinning wheel, a drop spindle is the perfect starting point! Ann may stop by, too, and I know she started her adventures in spinning with a drop spindle. The kits are $20 (which includes the sales tax). Kits contain 1 drop spindle (made in the USA) of hard maple, 4 oz premium dark and ecru (natural) Blue Faced Leicester wool, the link for a free e-book and how to find tutorial videos on YouTube.

My booth is near the corner of Palm Canyon and Andreas, in front of Canyon Rose dress shop. Village Fest runs from 6 pm – 10 pm. Would love to see you!

Reminder! No Village Fest Thanksgiving Day! Stay home, eat turkey, watch football or, perhaps spin with your new drop spindle?

Spinning Mixed BFL & Silk

spinning on the Columbine wheel tonight, taking advantage of the BIG bobbin

spinning on the Columbine wheel tonight, taking advantage of the BIG bobbin

I went to lunch at The La Quinta Baking Company today, as I often do on Fridays, my day after Village Fest treat. Packing up last night, I realized I need to focus on production

notes and schedule

this week! So while I enjoyed my yummy zucchini frittata, I made notes and a schedule.
Decided to spin 6 oz skeins so I’ll have enough for hats and matching wristies, which meant using the Columbine wheel with its big bobbin. The mixed BFL & silk spins like a dream, and takes dye beautifully. Already thought out my color schemes. Notice the yummy sheen of the silk!

spinning 11.15.13 002
spinning 11.15.13 004


These are the yarns I spun yesterday. The top yarn is Falkland wool, the bottom mixed BFL & silk.

yesterday's handspun

yesterday’s handspun

Believe it or not, these yarns were dyed with the same colors, with the same technique. Did the colors strike more quickly in the thinner commercial yarn? Did the silk content contribute to such a difference? I’m thinking yes. Or, maybe the water was hotter with the commercial yarn. I’m completely fascinated by the unexpected nature of dying! I discover and learn new aspects all the time – yay!

hand spun vs commercial

hand spun vs commercial

LOVE how the colors wend their way from one to the next!

color variation close up

color variation close up

This is an example of a hand spun yarn with silk content. Is that why the colors are more defined, the silk grabs the color? I’ve been experimenting with “kind of” kettle dying by placing yarn in already heated water. I still soak the yarn, but have a wonderful spin dryer that leaves the yarn ready to absorb lots of dye. How lucky am I that I love my work? 🙂

hand spun mixed BFL & silk

hand spun mixed BFL & silk

A New Look!

Thought it was time to freshen the website with a new layout and pictures. Maybe LOTS of new pictures! Sure I can spin yarn, dye it and crochet with it all day. Yes, I can take digital photos. Most of the time now I can download the pictures into my computer without them disappearing on me. My challenge has often been pictures mysteriously vanishing from my posts here… I’m told there’s a “save” button to prevent that. Hmmm. What can I say? I prefer time at the wheel or in my crochet chair!

'Nida Kay Designs at Palms Springs Village Fest

‘Nida Kay Designs at Palms Springs Village Fest

For up-to-date posts…

Please visit my Facebook page for up-to-date info. Thanks to my lovely Village Fest shoppers, I’m spinning and crocheting non-stop, and Facebook seems to be as far as I get on the computer!

You’re always able to contact me here, should you wish to place a special order, or ask a question!


I can feel the insanity of the holiday season nipping at my heels. This year, I’m determined to focus on what I’m thankful for, enjoy my loved ones, and relax. All my guys will be here, and I plan to nab lots of hugs. Stressed out perfection, or relaxed simplicity – I’ll take the latter, please!

Wishing you a Turkey Day filled with laughter, love and wonderful memories in the making!

Fresh Yarn

Freshly spun and / or dyed yarn available at Village Fest tomorrow night. Now’s the time to start knitting or crocheting those handmade Christmas gifts!

  • handspun and / or hand dyed yarn
    handspun and / or hand dyed yarn
  • hand dyed fingering weight yarn
    hand dyed fingering weight yarn
  • hand dyed fingering weight yarn
    hand dyed fingering weight yarn
  • hand spun, hand dyed extreme thick-n-thin yarn
    hand spun, hand dyed extreme thick-n-thin yarn