Busy, Busy

Between catching up on yardwork (and figuring out how to cut water use by 36% by July 1)(darned drought), and slogging away at clearing off my desk, AND getting my family room in some resemblance of order (it kind of becomes a dumping ground during my Village Fest season) – I’ve been busy!

My guys bought a 15″ Cricket rigid heddle loom for me for Mother’s Day (thanks, guys!!). I dyed some lace weight 100% silk yarn tonight to warp the loom (Berry Crush and Deep Magenta – gorgeous!!)… once I get brave enough to try warping the loom. Direct warp anyone? Oh, yes! My only experience of warping a loom was helping Kristine of Storybook Fibers slay the reed on a big loom several years ago.

Speaking of Kristine, if you’re going to be in Idyllwild, CA this Saturday, the 2nd Saturday Art Festival will be held on the Idyllwild Community Center grounds from 10 am – 5 pm. If you see a spinning wheel, Kristine will be nearby! She has darling hats knit from her hand spun, hand dyed yarn, as well as other delightful items! http://www.storybookfibers.com/

The next few days I plan to spin up two pounds of fiber, an alpaca / silk / wool blend. I figure I’ll get five or six skeins of six-ish ounces, and can hardly wait to dye them!! I promise to post photos when they’re done!

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