Ahh, fall, with it’s crisp cool air, colorful leaves… (sound of brakes and crash!) Except in Southern California this week. Having lived in the desert portion (Coachella Valley) for 34 years, one would think I’d be ready for MORE HOT WEATHER, but no. Every year I think October 1st will be the magical date that means I don’t have to run the a/c 24/7, I can comfortably wear long pants, and use the oven to bake bread to go along with homemade soup for dinner. Wrong, wrong, wrong. …I’m gonna make soup for dinner, anyway… Hope I can nuke corn bread!

On to fiber related fun. I’ve been spinning 6 – 7+ ounce skeins on my Columbine wheel (her name is Indie Chic). My little blue and white plastic ball winder can’t manage that much yarn. Enter the jumbo ball winder from Fiber Artist Supply Co. It arrive earlier this week, and handled a 348 yard / 7.2 oz skein, no problem!

jumbo ball winder

jumbo ball winder

Just when I should be spinning or crocheting, I start a new 4′ shawlette on the tri-loom. (an artist’s creative process is a skittery thing!) All handspun this time, except for one textury, sparkle “add-in” yarn. Yep, those fall colors!

4' shawlette

4′ shawlette

Oh, and Village Fest! Here’s a photo of me in my booth opening night!

Village Fest, 2014 - 15 season

Village Fest, 2014 – 15 season

Would love to see you next Thursday!

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