As I mentioned, I’ve been posting more on Facebook. I understand how to post photos there. My results here are more hit and miss. It’s frustrating to try, twice, to make a pretty post, and, twice, have it disappear…

I’m ready to try again!!

My friend, Kristine, of www.StorybookFibers.com and I got together for woolie fun Sunday. She was spinning a gorgeous, special order core-spun yarn in the bright pastels for which she’s known. We were so busy talking I didn’t even get my wheel out of its bag! I asked her to spin up the fall colored batts I’d carded (she promptly named it Spicy Pumpkin!). Looking forward to her spinning interpretation.

AJ, of NewGrooveVintage.etsy.com requested a crocheted headband in aqua blue, fuschia and gold. Because I set the colors in a dye bath, it’s very blended. I love the way it turned out, but I do think I need to rig up a steamer if I want to retain clear colors. Anyway, she wants the headband to have a BIG flower embellished with Swarovski crystals in the center. Can hardly wait to make it!!

Dyeing now: bright pink, purple, deep shades of teal green, and AJ’s yarn. Next up is the extreme thick-n-thin I spun yesterday. I’ll over-dye the natural brown BFL with cayenne red for an amazing coppery orange. Still trying to decide the other three…

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